AMC's New $20 MoviePass Competitor Sounds Like a Damn Good Deal

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Movie subscription service MoviePass and theater chain AMC haven’t been on the best of terms, with the latter attempting to block the former from working in its theaters. But AMC’s answer to MoviePass will finally arrive on June 26, and to our surprise, it actually seems like it could be a great deal.

AMC has announced Stubs A-List, its movie subscription service costing $20 per month. Subscribers can watch up to three movies per week with the membership, or blow through their three-movie allotment in one day (with a two-hour buffer between each viewing). Repeat viewings are allowed, and your movie allowance resets every Friday morning. Stubs A-List unfortunately requires a three-month minimum commitment.

Instead of restricting you to standard 2D movies like MoviePass, AMC says its subscription will let you watch films in most formats, including IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and—thank goodness—“BigD.” Shows from Fathom Events and “special fan events” are not included, meaning you’ll be paying out of pocket to enjoy the opera you crave so dearly.


You’ll be able to reserve seats for up to three movies at a time, either on the web or using AMC’s app. This addresses one of the biggest gripes about MoviePass and its inconvenient ticket acquisition procedure, which requires you to be within 100 yards of your chosen theater to purchase a ticket.

Right off the bat, AMC’s offering sounds like a good deal. 12 movies per month for $20? Sounds good to me. The average movie ticket price in the U.S. has risen to over $9 according to the National Association of Theater Owners, meaning, if you’re already a big moviegoer and live near an AMC theater, Stubs A-List basically pays for itself after three flicks. Rival subscription service Sinemia offers similar perks in terms of movie formats, and lets you watch films in more than just AMC theaters, but it won’t let you watch as many films. However, if you’re a fan of a competing theater chain, such as Alamo Drafthouse, then of course the upcoming AMC subscription isn’t for you.

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The price point has been set at $10 a month, so most people will ignore it or wait till it matches MoviePass on initial pricing. You could have higher tiers of service for more money, but if they lack an entry level $10 a month service, then its a whole lot of noise that no one will listen to.