AMD Developing Low Power CPU for Tiny Cheap Laptops

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The cheap, low power processor space for stuff like lil' notebooks is just about the hottest one around, so AMD would be silly to pass it up, especially when it preached the benefits of efficiency long before Intel came around to that school of thought. (Oh, those were the days.) A leaked slide shows AMD might have one up its sleeves-64-bit, 1GHz, and an 8W thermal power design, which puts in more in range of Via's Nano processors than Intel's Atom, meaning it's not quite ultra-ultraportable appropriate. Course, it could be (and very probably is) just one a family, meaning there might be more sprightly versions. [ via Electronista]



Man there killing me over there at AMD, every single piece of information that's coming out right now is focusing on Mobile parts, low end parts or applications and not a single word on when there going to release phenoms clocked above 2.5ghz, AM3 sockets or real benchmarks on the 4870s.