AMD Employee Stole $1 Billion In Secrets From Intel

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Former-Intel employee, current-AMD employee, and probable future-Federal prison resident Biswamohan Pani is the guy who stole a whole bunch of confidential information from Intel, according to the FBI. Now, Federal prosecutors have officially charged the 33-year-old engineer for stealing more than one billion dollars in trade secrets from Intel. One billion, with B of "Bloody Hell This Dude Is Nuts". Biswamohan spent the last two weeks at Intel copying files labeled as "Confidential," "Top secret," and "You are dumb and you are going to get so screwed, Biswamohan." That included documents of all kind, including secret plans for chips and battle stations. Intel thought something was not going well, called the FBI, and the investigation that followed leaded to his arrest. As his defense, Pani says that he copied the files for his wife, who also works at Intel. For all the feds care, he may as well have said that he stole them as a birthday present for his mom or as souvenirs to decorate his house. [Digital Trend]



I want the kind of job where I can spend two weeks at the copier, making what must have been thousands of copies, and no one notices.

He is for sure going to spend some time in FPMITA prison.