AMD Has No Interest in Netbooks, None

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You may be wondering why every netbook we write about seems to have the same Intel Atom processor. Some of it has to do with Intel's prominence in the entire processor market at the moment (which makes competition from Via little contest), and some of it has to do with AMD not stepping up to duke it out in the tiny laptop arena. AMD simply has no interest in the mini-laptop market, and CEO Dirk Meyer makes it abundantly clear:

We're ignoring the Netbook phenomenon—just thinking about PC form factors above that form factor.


AMD also claims that the public has been unhappy with the tiny machines and cite high return rates as proof of dissatisfaction.

It'll be interesting to see how things play out...but if netbooks do stick around in their current form, it's too bad that AMD won't be there to keep Intel on their toes. [CNET]



Honestly, I'm with AMD on this one. I have ZERO interest in an underpowered computer with a tiny ass screen. If I want to check my email, I do it from my phone. Ditto for myspace and youtube.

If I want to play games or use any sort of serious application, I used my laptop or desktop.

Really, the only applications for netbooks are business and blogging - blogging is (in general) not profitable and business is pretty much Intel's bitch anyway.