AMD Promises DirectX 11 in 2009

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AMD has confirmed rumors that it is working on DirectX 11, announcing at CEATEC that it plans to release its first DirectX 11-compatible GPUs in 2009. The company also predicted an increase in general purpose computing on GPUs (GPGPU) and a transition to a 40nm fabricating standard, which ought to give graphics chip performance rates a considerable boost. In layman terms: Things are about to get a lot bigger and a lot prettier. [Xbit Labs via Tweaktown]


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So I have a question...

How come for DirectX 7ish (when I started PC gaming) through 9.99999 (whatever) I never needed new hardware to support it, just download the update and maybe grab new drivers for the card.

DX10 hits, and now I NEED a new card to be able to run utilize it.

Now AMD's going to be dropping the first cards capable of DX11...will this mean my new DX10 card is now a steaming pile? Will I need to go out and buy a new new card to support DX11? Or is this going to be like old times, and I'll just need a new driver and the DX update, and off I go?