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America: People Are Googling "Who Is Running for President" Right Up to the End

Illustration for article titled America: People Are Googling Who Is Running for President Right Up to the End

America, the Great Republic, is holding her elections today. And her voters, you voters, are, uh, still frantically Googling to find out who's running for President.


That's a Google Trends chart above, showing how often people in the United States have searched for "who is running for president". As you can see, it's spiked heavily in the past month, and again, higher still, in the past WEEK. The election is today, for god's sake. "Does anyone know who is running for president? I HAVE TO GO VOTE ON IT TODAY." Et cetera.

Others are taking to Twitter:


The orignal graphic floating around is even more horrifying, but it demonstrates the search term's popularity over 8 years, worldwide. Of course traffic is higher in a more digitally integrated world in 2012, and people will search for the term more than in 2008 and 2004. Google's just bigger now. But still. STILL. Look at the US-only, 12-month chart here. It's still pretty damn insane. Maybe the Onion has it right. [Atlantic, BGR]

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I can think of one very valid reason why even someone who has been paying attention is is reasonably informed would Google this: to look up third party candidates just to see who else besides Romney and Obama are on the ballot.

If you and I had a conversation right now about what third party candidates were running, I would probably Google "who is running for president in 2012" but that doesn't mean I haven't been following along or haven't paid close attention to the issues this year.