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America Will Have a Shot at 21:9 3DTVs This Year, With Vizio's Razor LEDs

Illustration for article titled America Will Have a Shot at 21:9 3DTVs This Year, With Vizios Razor LEDs

It looks like American fans of Philips' 21:9 TVs can stop dreaming of moving to Europe, and actually get their hands on Vizio's Razor LEDs sometime this year, in 3D 50 and 58-inch options.


Both sets have resolutions of 2560 x 1080, with the 50-inch XVT3D500CM having a 240Hz refresh rate, smart dimming, internet apps, a Bluetooth QWERTY remote control, and SRS surround sound HD. The 58-inch XVT3D580CM is similar, only with a 120Hz refresh rate. They're both sliding into Vizio's Theater 3D series of TVs, which have internet apps and all come with QWERTY remotes. Unfortunately, only two sets will come with Google TV functionality (or "Via Plus," as Vizio is calling it), the XVT3D476SV and XVT3D556SV.


Considering Vizio's standing, you can expect these to be a lot cheaper than the $6,500 Philips commands for its latest 3D set in Europe. [Vizio via PRNewswire]

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Can someone please explain to me, why is it called 21:9 instead of 7:3? Yes, this is a serious question.