Amex Digital's iMON HD Mobile Media Center Also Controls Your PC

Illustration for article titled Amex Digitals iMON HD Mobile Media Center Also Controls Your PC

Amex Digital's iMON HD seems a pretty unusual beast: it's a "portable media center" that acts as an IR receiver to control your PC, and also has a built-in VFD screen. This can display an equalizer or streams of useful info, like weather reports, news, your email and so on— a little like a low-graphics Chumby perhaps? There's not much more info than this, so we can tell you it supports Windows Vista Media center, it'll come in black and white colors and has a remote controller, and that's about it. [Akihabaranews]


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I'm not big on the iMON stuff.. I bought a VFD screen that is integrated into my thermaltake case using a 5.25" drive bay slot on the front, when I very first plugged it in, it seemed to display a few things, but I hit power on the remote once, the screen shut off and has never turned back on. I've tried every variation of drivers out there, I have tried it on both 32bit and 64bit vista installs, tried completely uninstalling it physically and reinstalling, everything I can think of, it just doesn't work. $80-$90, whatever I paid, down the drain.

Also, TERRIBLE support on the products. About all you get is their FAQ and whatever random stuff is posted on their forum, don't expect anything good.