Amnesty Wireless: Charity Begins At Phone

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New cellphone service Amnesty Wireless is another way of melding technology with philanthropy. Launched today by Amnesty International USA, it enables subscribers to donate 10 percent of their charges to the human rights organization, without costing them anything extra.


New customers will get a LG 225 low-end handset, free activation and shipping, and Amnesty Wireless even offers to buy out subscribers' current contracts with credit up to $175. You get 30 minutes of support calls each month, which means you can ring up and harangue the leaders that Amnesty is targeting. I don't think it means you can harangue your mom for free if you think that the fact she grounded you for staying out late is an infringement of your human rights.

For $29.99 per month you get 200 minutes talktime, plus unlimited nights and weekends and, if you persuade your friends to join, you can call them for free and complain about your mom's behavior.

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Again, this is by working assets. You're not guaranteed that your 10% will go to AI. It is collected and then distributed by the board to whatever charity they decide.

Stop posting this stuff without doing even a little research. This wouldn't pass the stink test on Consumerist.