Amy Smart Talks Crank 3 Possibilities And Dirty Hose Play

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We shared a few minutes with Jason Statham's main Crank lady, and she spilled on upping the insanity-sex ante from the original, beating up Bai Ling, and a possible third Crank movie.


Crank is so crazy, especially the scene where you and Jason have sex in public. So how did you top the scene like that in Crank 2?

They definitely topped it. They basically took the same premise from Crank, but now he has an artificial heart. So he has to make friction with his body to keep the battery charged so he can keep his heart working... They found many more outrageous things that you can do to keep his heart rate up.

Involving you specifically?

Yes there is another Chinatown scene involving me specifically.

I read that you pole dance in this movie, how did you prepare for that?

Well, because of her scene in Chinatown last movie, she became very sexually liberated and decided to use pole dancing to continue that exploration. I took a number of pole dancing classes to prepare for Crank 2 where she's pole dancing happily.

I heard you and Bai Ling get in a big cat fight, what was that like?

She's hilarious, we actually have a cat fight in the strip bar. She kind of tags along with Jason and my character is stripping and has a boyfriend played by Corey Haim. My character thinks he's dead, and then he shows up. There's a little competition between the girl that he's been tagging along with [and me]. It's really funny. She has this really wild energy.

Did you kick her ass? Was it choreographed?


Yes, it was choreographed. We have to look good in the film. It's so much fun, we have a really great big bottle to work with. We're pushing and grabbing each others hair.

When the directors come to you (with outrageous scenes) how game are you to run through these crazy scenes?


Initially, I'm excited to do it because it's so outrageous. I really enjoyed doing the first one, I had so much fun filming it. It's another way to live out a fantasy, because it's not real life, because you couldn't do this in real life. It's completely over the top. Half the takes are messed up because we end up laughing, it's so funny. I'm not scared to look like a complete fool in front of someone.

What was it like roughing up Corey Haim and working with him?

He was a lovely person and so great to work with. He was so grateful to be back at work after all of this time. He has really good comedic timing, he plays my pimp/boyfriend in the film. And he has this really funny mullet and he thinks he's such a tough guy.


Is Jason Statham always down for getting naked on screen and having sex in front of thousands like in the first movie?

No, he's much more shy than that. He's a great badass on screen. But he's definitely shy at times. It helped that we were both being so completely outrageous together. It feels like you are on a roller coaster ride, and you're climbing up the tracks at the top and you know you're going to surrender to this crazy ride. That's sort of what it is when you're doing these crazy scenes in these movies... It has that real adrenaline rush because you're putting everything on the line, and hoping everything to comes out OK.

Can you talk about any particular moment that got your adrenaline up?

We definitely have another Chinatown scene. I don't know if I want to give away. I'll just give you two words: Horse Racetrack.

What is the craziest thing you had to do in this movie, where you couldn't believe you were doing?


It's hard to say [in] this one. There's a part in the film where I'm getting sprayed with a firehose down a horse racetrack. It's one of those massive water hoses that can literally spray 30 feet. That just felt so disgusting and I'm in that mud, there is horse shit in the mud and I felt dirty and gross and I just needed a shower.

Has there been any talk if this movie is successful will there be a 3?

I know definitely that they are talking about a third film but I have no idea what the story would be.

Crank 2: High Voltage is released Friday April 17th.




In Crank 3, they'll poison his scrotum, so that, if he's ever not aroused and workin' it, he'll die.

Might as well cut out the middlemen.