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An Air Purifier Designed For the Space Station Must Be Good Enough For Your Home

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If there's one place on—or off—the Earth where the air has to be clean, it's on the International Space Station. That's why many years ago Nasa developed a revolutionary purifying system for the ISS that has since trickled down for use in hospitals, food packing plants, government offices, and now your home.

Although Airocide sounds like an unfortunate way to die from oxygen overdose, the company actually licenses the air purifying technology from Nasa for good. Using tiny glass rings covered in titanium dioxide, the purifier is able to instantly destroy almost 100 percent of airborne pathogens and allergens it makes contact with. As a result Airocide's purifier is one of the most effective on the planet. And one of the quietest too, since it relies on a special aerodynamic design and simple physics to pull air through without the need for fans and motors.


So you're probably asking yourself: what's the catch? Well, with most technologies that have only just reached the consumer level the Airocide purifier is expensive. Like $800 expensive. But for that amount of money you're getting a device that's been proven to be effective in one of the most difficult testing environments one can imagine, and the salvation from ever having to clean or replace another filter ever again. [Airocide via Fast Company]