The same way your fancy DSLR lens can automatically track and compensate for vibrations and shaking motions, Lift Labs' incredibly innovative new Liftware Spoon lets those dealing with Parkinson's disease—and the tremors associated with the condition—still feed themselves.

Available next month for around $300, the spoon uses onboard sensors to detect even the subtlest of shaking motions, and then cancels them out by moving in the opposite direction. In testing the spoon has been found to cancel out more than 70 percent of tremor motions, which is enough to allow those dealing with the symptom to easily feed themselves.


The Liftware Spoon will also come with a free accompanying app that keeps track of the tremors as detected by its sensors, allowing someone with Parkinson's or other conditions to keep track if their symptoms are improving or worsening over time. [Lift Labs via Medgadget]