An Art Deco PC Case: Brilliant or Repellant?

Illustration for article titled An Art Deco PC Case: Brilliant or Repellant?

Here's one piece of technological design that's bound to divide opinoon. Jeffrey Stephenson's Project Ayr is a fanless home theater PC encased in an art-deco style Mahogany shell. But would you let it inside your home?

Inside the wooden case—which itself houses an aluminum frame—there's an Intel Core i3-3225 processor, 8GB RAM, an Intel Cherryville SSD, 150W Pico PSU and Silverstone HE02 passive heatsink. Of course, it's a custom build so you won't be able to buy one—but would you want to anyway? [Jeffery Stephenson via Engadget]

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Zeust the Mepsuan

I'm not really into "design" stuff, but I gotta admit this think looks pretty.

What I like more about this thing is passive cooling. I believe passive cooling is pretty much the holy grail of computer builders and this guy pulled it off - be it with relatively (but not very) low-end specs. If I needed a new pc without too impressive specs I'd buy this if the price is right. Unfortunately something tells me this thing would probably be crazy expensive, or at least cost more than I'd be willing to pay for it.