From far enough away, this installation by the Czech artist Jakub Geltner almost looks like a flock of seagulls preening at the end of a jetty. Almost.

The sculpture, called Nest 05, is the latest in a series by Geltner that treat the technological detritus of our urban landscapeā€”from CCTV cameras to satellite dishesā€”as natural objects. Over the past few years, heā€™s installed crops of cameras along walls, clustered as though they were birds roosting, and dozens of dishes around the edges of buildings, clustered like barnacles on the belly of a ship.


His fifth Nest installation, seen above, was just completed in Aarhus, Denmarkā€”which hosts dozens of installations along its coastline every summer.

[Jakub Geltner; h/t Ignant; Images: Alex White on Flickr and Clyde Yee]

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