Taking inspiration from Porsche's decision to break out into designing everything from sleds to cellphones, Audi's decided that it now wants to apply its design chops to beautiful objects without four wheels. And the car maker's first creation is a stunning see-through table clock that leaves its complex engine completely exposed and visibleā€”not hidden beneath a hood.

Audi actually collaborated with watchmaker Erwin Sattler on the clock, with emphasis focused on the design and placement of the various gears which ties back to the company's automotive roots. And the lack of a traditional clock face, which usually obscures a timepiece's inner workings, puts all of the wonderful engineering on display as it counts off the hours.

Limited to just 100 pieces, the Erwin Sattler Table Clock by Audi design is now available for order. But be forewarned; similar pieces by the watchmaker sell for upwards of $10,000, and when you factor in Audi's involvement you can safely assume it will push the price tag even higher. [Erwin Sattler via Autoblog]