An awesome guy made an insane Thor hammer that smashes everything

This ridiculously awesome man made version of Thor's hammer Mjölnir is so impressive that even our most Thor-like human Chris Hemsworth would have trouble swinging it around. Though it's not quite the weight of 300 billion elephants, it's the closest thing to Mjölnir on Earth. That's because it's made from 10 separate pieces of steel alloyed with chromium and molybdenum. At its heaviest, it can weigh over 200 pounds.

This version of Thor's hammer was made by master swordsmith Tony Swatton. He's a Picasso when it comes to recreating movie props like Wolverine's claws, swords from Game of Thrones and weapons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The 11-inch long, 5-inch high and 4-inch wide hammer is beautifully detailed (stick around to watch them etch the hammer) and weighs 20 pounds when hollow. When they fill it up to make it solid, it'd be a 200 pound beast.

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