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An Eject Button Makes These Plugs Easier To Remove

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You don't want them so loose that they'll accidentally fall out of an outlet, but at the same time a plug that's nigh impossible to remove can be just as frustrating. So while these Easy Plug adapters featuring an eject button are actually designed for seniors or those with limited dexterity, they still seem like a great solution for any cable you're constantly unplugging.


For just $14 you get a three-pack of the adapters featuring wings on either side that you squeeze to automatically eject the plugs from an outlet. There's no yanking on the cord needed, no having to wiggle a plug, and no risk of damaging the wiring or the outlet while you're trying to remove a stubborn set of prongs. The real question is: Why don't all power cords work this way by default? [Konna via InventorSpot]