Electric chainsaws aren't anywhere near as powerful as the ones with gas engines, but Makita's X2 LXT comes close—and offers several key advantages if you don't need a tool capable of clear-cutting a forest.

For starters, even with a pair of 18-volt rechargeable lithium-ion batteries hanging off the back, the X2 LXT weighs in at around just over eleven pounds, which is light compared to a gas-powered saw. But it can still hack and slash its way through tree branches less than six inches in diameter. It's quieter too, generating around 90-decibels instead of a traditional chainsaw's 110-decibel wail.


Each battery requires just 30 minutes to charge, so you'll have to double that if you've only got a single charger. But when topped up, you can expect to clear debris and prep firewood for about 90 minutes before you're forced to take a break. The part that could make the saw totally worth its $370 asking price, though, is the fact that you'll never end up with gas soaked hands and clothing when you're done your yard work. [Makita via Fancy]