Have you ever worried about how secure that wireless keyboard you're using really is? How do you know that when working somewhere remotely there isn't some hacker nearby capturing every word you type? With Matias' new Secure Pro keyboard, your security is guaranteed thanks to a 128-bit AES encrypted wireless connection to your computer using its own USB nano receiver.

The company claims it would take hackers a billion-billion years to brute force crack the Secure Pro's encryption using a supercomputer, so this is probably the most secure way you'll find to cut the cable between your computer and its keyboard. And with a price tag of $170 that's not all you're getting.


The Secure Pro also packs a 1,600 mAh rechargeable battery keeping it running for up to six months on a single charge. But it's also got a built-in USB port allowing you to leech some of that power for your smartphone in the event you need an emergency boost. And while typing snobs will appreciate the keyboard's mechanical keys, everyone else around them will appreciate their quiet design which keeps the clicking and clacking to a dull roar. [Matias via Ubergizmo]