An enigmatic nun hunts real monsters for the Spanish Inqusition

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While other members of the Spanish Inquisition busy themselves rooting out false witches, the mysterious Inquisitor Two investigates genuine monsters and demons at the behest of Queen Isabella. But this slice-'em-up nun may have more in common with the creatures she hunts than with the people she works for.


Run Freak Run is a fast and funny historical fantasy webcomic written by Silver Saaremaeel and drawn by Kaija Rudkiewicz. It's set during the early 17th century, a time when the Spanish Inquisition was intent on eradicating the people they believed to be witches from the country. But the beings Inquisitor Two encounters on her travels through Spain aren't false witches; they're a host of truly magical beings: demons, giants, god-like creatures, and even some witches—the beings who exist on the fringes of the world and who occasionally clash with human beings. Armed with an axe on a chain, Two often dispenses with her quarry in gleefully violent fashion.

But Two isn't merely a tool of these corrupt human institutions. She's something more than human and she has her own agenda, one that doesn't necessarily fit with the less-than-noble whims of the church and crown. And while the comic initially seems episodic, it becomes clear that there is a longer, stranger story being told.

For all Rudkiewicz's stylized artwork, Run Freak Run has, at times, a rather silly sense of humor. The comic likes to play with quasi-poetic fairytale text, but juxtaposes that text with moments of absurdity. Those can be fun diversions from the main plot, but Run Freak Run is at its best when it focuses on Two's often unpredictable attempts to resolve her missions without betraying her personal code. This comics' creatures may be expecting the Spanish Inquisition, but they rarely expect what Two will do next.

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Oh, howsabout a webcomic about a Gestapo officer who hunts the *really evil* Jews next?