An Impossibly Thin Heating Element Stops These Goggles From Fogging Up

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There's nothing like a thin layer of condensation on your ski goggles to ruin a perfectly good run down a hill covered in tantalizingly fresh powder. But active people get warm and sweat, and science says that cold moist air condensing on your goggles is inevitable. Unless you've got a pair of these F-BOM goggles strapped to your face which sandwich an incredibly thin heating element between a pair of lenses to keep them clear all day long.

The heating element works like those black lines on the back window of your car, except that they're completely invisible and don't occlude a skier's vision in any way. In fact, they do just the opposite. When fully charged they'll keep the surface of the goggles just slightly warmer than the dew point for about seven full hours, which prevents fog from forming. Or if you know you'll be away from a power source and not able to charge the goggles for a while, there's also an on-demand boost mode which only heats the goggles in ten minute bursts as needed, extending the battery life for a full seven days.


The goggles will be available in October of 2015, but only if Abominable's Kickstarter campaign manages to raise the $50,000 it's after. You can help ensure the F-BOMs become a reality with a donation of $195 that gets you one of the first pairs of to roll off the assembly line. Or you can wait until all the production kinks have been worked out and get a retail set for $249. Either way, your days of blindly careening down the ski slopes could be soon over. [Abominable via Outside Online]