An Ingredient Measuring Machine Is Like Insurance For Baking

When you're cooking, you can toss almost any series of ingredients into a pan and end up with something edible. But when you're baking, you need to pay close to attention to precisely measuring out ingredients so your creation turns out as expected. So as with anything requiring precision, it's best to leave it to a machine—like the PantryChic automatic dispenser.

Using a control panel like the one on your microwave, you can specify an exact amount of a given dry ingredient, and the machine will automatically take care of any necessary conversions, or suggest healthier substitutions, and measure it out into a bowl. And so that it works with all the ingredients in your pantry, the machine uses swappable airtight canisters, so it doubles as a stackable storage system as well.

The creators of the PantryChic are attempting to raise the funds needed to put the machine into production via Kickstarter, and you can pre-order a starter set with a donation of $200. But as with any crowdfunded product you'll want to be aware of the risks involved, which in this case include a distinct lack of any finished prototypes—just 3D renders of the machine in action.


But the concept seems sound enough to work as promised, and the use of the swappable containers is clever, as long as they manage to get the price point down so users can easily expand their collection. Otherwise this might have a tough time supplanting the simple measuring cup which has been reliably serving kitchens for ages. [Kickstarter - PantryChic]

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