An iPad Keyboard That Lays On Top of the iPad (Updated)

I type like a grandpa on my iPad but I've never really wanted a physical keyboard for it because it'd be a pain carrying the damn thing. This iKeyboard, however, looks like it'd be the perfect compromise.

The iKeyboard lays on top of your iPad and has cutouts that fit the iPad's keyboard perfectly. There's a thin layer of film within each key cutout that when pressed, presses into the iPad key. Not only does that film let you rest your hands on the keyboard without touching the screen, it gives you that tactile feedback that most of us need. And since it's not really a keyboard itself, the overall size of the iKeyboard is much smaller than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. If you're interested in the iKeyboard, head to Kickstarter and donate to the project. [Kickstarter]


Update December 8th 2001: We've tried this, and it's awful in every possible way, except that it didn't catch on fire and burn down our office.

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