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Fall is upon us and it's time to whip out the old Mr. Beer. Mr. Beer, as many of you may know, is a foolproof brewing system that is just about perfect. The steps: clean the brewing barrel, pour the flavor mixture into some hot water, boil, add a booster packet, drop in some yeast, and wait. Two weeks later you put it into some bottles—soda bottles are fine—with some sugar. Wait another week or so, chill, and drink. I've done homebrew before—and I know our beloved Joel would laugh at me for taking the easy way out and not grinding the barley between two smooth rocks secreted under my armpit for that old Belgian flavor—but Mr. Beer is just about the easiest way to get a few gallons of good beer there is. Aside from going to the store, that is.

Plus, you can make a theme song out of the name: "Mr. Beer, that's my name. That name again is Mr. Beer!"


I've also got a carboy of cabernet bubbling away in the basement so this holiday season is going to be drinking season for the Biggs family.

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