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An Orchestra of Drones Will Rule Mankind With Sweet Tunes

Okay, yes, these drones look adorable zipping around and playing keyboards and drums like a swarm of musical bees. Don't let them charm you. It's all part of their plan. First you start to trust them, then they take over mankind. Stay strong. Stay...wait, are they playing bells? Aww, they're so cute!


Seriously, though, we should not be teaching flying robots to play music. This is how the machines win. This is how...wait, now they're playing The Star-Spangled Banner? Oh, they're patriotic robots. With perfect pitch and hilarious moves. Okay drones, you win. [TheDmel via LaughingSquid]

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This is what happens when filmmakers and game developers push the envelope on the synthetics vs. organics trope. All it does is teach the machines a lesson on how not to approach mankind. It's bad enough with that Aesop's fable about the wind and sun.