An Original Beatles Mic Is A Better Use Of Your Black Friday Cash

You know that $600 you have stashed under the mattress to buy a pimpin' flatscreen in the sales? Grab it, raid the kid's piggy banks, and jump on a plane down to Dallas: some of the Beatles' microphones, complete with authentic Lennon & McCartney Spittle, are up for sale.

There's three mics listed, all Reslo ribbon mics from the Cavern Club in Liverpool, a venue the Beatles played more than any other (and a nightclub you can still visit today). Starting bid is $2,500, with an estimated value of over $5,000.


The mics are just part of the wider listing of music memorabilia, including a ton of Beatles stuff, like handwritten lyrics. There's also a 'well-used' Elvis guitar, if you're not a fan of Liverpool pop. Either way, it's all a lot better than fighting over a crummy Android tablet at Walmart. [Heritage Auctions]

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