Analyst: Apple Will Release Flash-based Subnotebook, Flash iPods, Free Puppies

How do I get a job as an analyst? Seems to me that they get paid lots of money to make guesses as to what companies will do. I can do that! Come on, gimme a chance!

Professional guesser Shaw Wu laid out all sorts of prognostications about what Apple's got lined up over the next couple of years. First, he says Apple will release a flash-based subnotebook in the second half of this year, and he thinks that it'll use the same stripped-down version of OS X that the iPhone will. Next, he thinks that the entire iPod line will switch to flash memory by next year. He also says not to get your hopes up about a widescreen iPod until after the iPhone is out.


OK, some of this makes sense and some of it seems dubious. I wouldn't expect them to release a widescreen iPod before the iPhone, as that would clearly hurt iPhone sales. But a subnotebook that runs the iPhone OS? Really? I can see the subnotebook, but for the prices Apple charges I can't see them justifying selling people a computer with a phone OS on it. What do you guys think? Go ahead and pretend you're an overpaid analyst. You're about as qualified as one.

Apple subnotebook will run iPhone OS X – analyst [Macworld]

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