How Will the iPod be Affected by the iPhone?

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One thing that seems to have gotten lost in the fray with all this iPhone hullabaloo is what is going to happen to the iPod now. Sure, the iPhone is a phone mixed with an iPod, but not everyone wants to spend $600 and get a phone/tablet with their music player. Apple has spent so much time and money getting TV shows and movies into the ITMS there's no way they won't release a new, high capacity multimedia player with the same slick widescreen format for people who don't want to make the jump to the iPhone.

Here's what I think we have to look forward to:

I think that iPhone-esque iPods will soon be released. Look for larger capacities, probably 100GB, and a very similar design to the iPhone. We'll be treated to the same great touchscreen that automatically rotates the interface depending on how we hold it, which will be perfect for watching videos. But we'll lose the phone functions, and with those we'll also likely lose the camera and OS X interface. What makes the iPod so great is its simplicity, not its robust set of features, and by merging that notion with the new iPhone hardware Apple will be giving the iPod a serious upgrade.


So what do you think? Would you rather spend $300 on a widescreen, touchscreen iPod with a 100GB hard drive or $600 on an iPhone with 8GB? I've gotta be honest… the idea of a high-capacity touchscreen iPod sounds like a sweeter deal than the iPhone, especially the first generation version that lacks 3G and GPS. The smartest move might be grabbing one of those and then getting an iPhone in a year when its feature set is really humming.

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I don't see this affecting iPod sales at all. In fact, I suspect sales will be lower than Apple expects, based on how many restrictions there are on it. I was really excited about it when I heard the features, too. It's a shame those features were put on a lame horse.

1) Exclusive to Cingular - No thank you. Part of the reason the iPod is so successful is that it can be used by both Mac and XP users. Same thing can be said of the Moto RAZR phone. Make it widely available on multiple platforms/carriers, and you'll have a successful product. Having a multi-year exclusive contract with a poor carrier like Cingular will not help them at all. (Besides, wasn't it AT&T-Cingular that was releasing private info to Shrubya? I didn't think Apple and Steve Jobs would want to support such actions by giving them exclusive rights to the iPhone.)

2) No 3G support. - Hello? Can you hear me now? No? Why not? Because you are deaf to the term "smartphone" being synonymous with 3G data access? Time for Apple to get their ears checked.

3) No 3rd party app support. - Again, what part of "smartphone" do they not understand?? I'll stick with a PalmOS Treo and its myriad of 3rd party apps, thanks.