Analyst Projects Wiis in 30% of US Households by 2011

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An analyst at Merrill Lynch prophesized that by the year 2011, 30% of US households will have a Wii. With census projections for the year 2010 putting the number of US households at 78 million, that equals nearly 23.5 million units sold in the next four years. Holy macaroni.


Is this completely nuts? Well, at first it does sound kind of crazy that the Wii would have that much market penetration, but the SNES sold 20 million units in the US over the course of its lifetime, which wasn't even a majority of the whopping 49 million units sold worldwide. It certainly isn't completely unrealistic to predict the Wii bettering the SNES, especially with all these new markets Nintendo has weaseled its way into.

I, for one, welcome our new motion-sensing overlords.

GameDaily [via CrunchGear]


For this to have a chance of happening, the actual quality of the games for Wii would have to Zoom Up. And I just can't see it happening.

I think the Wii-mote and Nunchuk are both a negative and a positive. The negative is that playing the new Sonic today I found the interface very awkward (along with the stupid incredibly repetitive music), and it's not good when I wish for a prev-generation controller.

Seriously, how many people want to play these games? Games where you have to repeat the same sequence over and over until you get it exactly right, or right 3 times (Zelda!). There still way, way too many tedious game design elements in the Wii games I've enthusiam has dwindled to zip. I think the only chance will be the system's internet ability to take some design aspects to the next level.