Wii Turns Elderly Into Addicts

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I remember people laughing at Nintendo's blue ocean strategy, where they said they were going to go after the untapped sections of the game market like the elderly.


Well if the Sedgebrook Retirement Community in Chicago, IL is a good indicator of Blue Ocean's success, then they are definitely onto something cause these geriatrics are hooked. Most notably with Wii bowling, which is set have it's own 20-person tournament.

I bet you Sedgebrook has the highest number of grandkids coming to visit as well. I know I would have went to see my Grandparents more if they were going to try and rock me at Wii Sports. Love you Gram & GP.

Nintendo console has officially gone geriatric [DailyTech]


I will be the first to admit I was completely wrong about the Wii (although I still dislike the name).

When I first heard about the whole motion sensor controller thing, I thought .. oh.. a last ditch gimmick by Nintendo to wrangle back 1% market share from Sony and Microsoft.

However, after playing it, especially the bundled sports titles, I admit that it truly is a revolution in gaming (which is why I think they should have stuck to that name).

Simply put, the Wii's games are more fun than games on other consoles. Granted, they are slightly different audiences (I don't think Gears of War would fly on the Wii).

Nintendo has accomplished exactly what they set out to do. And they're kicking Sony in the @$$ while doing it.. so even better for them.