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There are waaay too many social networks out there already, but people keep making them so what the hell, why not add one more. Anchor is social media for your office and is an easy way to keep all your coworkers' contact information available in one place. It also allows chatting and has ample room for overshares in the "company lobby," like 'went to the bathroom brb guys.'


The first app from developer Tomfoolery, Anchor streamlines sharing of everything from links to photos (the app comes with filters), and has a well designed UI that's pretty fluid and easy to navigate. Coworkers can be grouped into departments or subcategories for easy access. The iOS app is out now and Android is coming in a few weeks. And it's free. Might not be worth switching if your office is already on a social network, but it could be an easy way to connect everyone if its not. [AppScout]


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