And Here's a Kitchen Appliance that Plays Call of Duty: Black Ops

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Older Xbox 360 consoles often got hot enough to burn toast, this is true, but they never looked that great doing it. Perhaps as a hat tip to that disastrous era, the XToaster360 looks hot, but toasts no longer.

The case is in fact a real four slot toaster, but the insides are all Xbox. Perhaps version 2.0 will employ some of the older RRoD parts, so this mod can serve as a proper toaster too. [Xbox360-Hacks via technabob]


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I don't get why gamers and modders have a fascination with LED lights.

side note: it's next to impossible to find a proper PC case on newegg without having hideous LEDS everywhere...

Am i the only one that likes clean and simple? /rant