And Here's a Treasure Trove of 90s Videos About the Internet

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Remember the 90s, when we had videos on VHS to teach us about this new thing called the internet? Lucky for us, Andy Baio (@waxpancake) has preserved those tapes for the YouTube generation.


Baio's whole playlist is six hours long, but might we suggest you start with "Internet Power! Volume 1"? Discover The World of Online Entertainment!

Don't worry, the thrilling conclusion of "Internet Power! Volume 2" is available too (below). Baio goes into a lot more detail about how he digitalized the tapes, a project he actually started years ago, over at his blog. And we're while doing hyperlinks (a concept explained in Volume 1), here's the whole six-hour playlist again. [via Kottke]

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Barry Wombleton

I am proud to say I am a "net surfer"!

I actually use to play that pool table game in the opening sequence of the first video.

One correction Mosaic was developed in 1992 and released in 1993 NOT 1933 (4:40 mark of video 1).