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And Now, A Fully Functioning R/C SHIELD Helicarrier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Why yes, that is an R/C plane launching off a working, flying R/C Helicarrier. What a marvellous world we live in.

This incredible feat of R/C vehicle-stroke-comic-book madness comes from the fine folks at FliteTest, who have been working on their Helicarrier build for a while now - but judging by their latest youtube video, it certainly works a treat:

There's even wee little Lego marvel heroes aboard it! How sweet.

It might be a while before Marvel get around to releasing a flying Helicarrier toy of their own, this is an acceptable - by which I mean completely amazing - substitute. You can see more behind the scenes footage and pictures of the complete Helicarrier build here.


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