And now, Arnold Schwarzenegger cordially shaking hands with the Predator

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It's official — humanity's longstanding shadow war with the Yautja (colloquially known as "ugly motherfuckers") has come to an amicable close. At the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, former California governor/noted monologist/that guy who once shared the company of a sexual tyrannosaurus Arnold "Dutch" Schwarzenegger recently made peace with a representative of the Yautja Prime hunting guild.

Please note that a bleached human skull was prominently on display during this photo opportunity. This is symbolic of an impasse-shattering proviso of this treaty. Even though Homo sapiens game hunting is now banned from our planet to the Öpik–Oort cloud, Predators will not be forced to relinquish preexisting trophies of human bones and viscera. Carl Weathers' severed arm will remain at Yautja Prime's P.S. 32, where it will continue to instill bloodlust, ancestral reverence, and a commitment to good grades in the student body.


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[Via Nom De Web/Reddit]