And so it has come to this: A Neighbours Zombie series

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The week leading up to Halloween is always a time of everyone and their uncle getting in on the spooky fun, but this might be one of the weirdest of Halloween 2014 so far: The hit Australian soap opera Neighbours is running a week-long webseries that puts the residents of Ramsey Street into the Zombie apocalypse.

I have no idea if people in the U.S are familiar with Neighbours - a cursory wikipedia search informs me that it apparently exclusively steams on Hulu - but the show has long been a part of Australian TV schedules, and has a surprisingly large fanbase here in the UK, where it has run on BBC One and now Channel 5 for decades. Which is why your reaction of "well, this is just some Australians being menaced by Zombies. And what's with all these superfluous U's!?" might be a little different to my baffled curiosity at seeing Neighbours cast members old and new fighting the walking dead, complete with the awful/hilarious 'zombified' version of the show's Theme tune. Imagine Days of our Lives doing a Zombie episode and the feeling might be the same.

If the trailer was somehow enough to pique your interest, you can watch the first episode below, with new episodes airing every day this week on Neighbours' youtube channel.

Just what you need to kick off the week... right?

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