Android 1.5 Unofficially Available For G1

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A full-featured version of Android 1.5 "Cupcake", which introduces video recording, an onscreen keyboard, new browser functions and plenty more, has been compiled for G1 users by a kindly XDA forums contributor.

Despite the long list of new features in 1.5, the core of the OS is still more-or-less the same. Accordingly, most Android Market content is completely compatible, and those in the first wave to try the G1 builds were able to log in and download to their hearts' content. At some point in the last few days, though, it seems that Google has started cracking down—Google-sourced builds can no longer access the store, though HTC-sourced builds still seem to work fine.


The trick is to nab one of the "H"-suffixed versions, which'll give you all the perks without any of the sacrifice. —Note: Unlike previous "Cupcake" builds, this one includes Google Apps, the Android Market and the full battery of standard features that you can expect to see on a production HTC Sapphire, for example. It's not just the stripped-down OS. [haykuro via BGR]