Android 2.2 Download Now Available For HTC EVO

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Android 2.2 is supposed to roll out to the Sprint EVO next week, but it looks like there's a direct download already available through HTC. Here's how to get it. Update: A warning from HTC.

First you need to download the update from here. Once done, you should save it to the root of your phone's SD card, boot the device in recovery mode, and select the option to install the update from the .zip file. Tada! That's all you need to do to enjoy all the new features Froyo brings to the EVO. [Android Police via AndroidSpin via IntoMobile]


Update: HTC has tweeted a warning about this download:

Please be aware any floating around for EVO are not final and may cause problems. Official updates are coming OTA next week!

Has anyone experienced and troubles so far?

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So about 2 weeks before my HTC Incredible gets some lovin' (apart from the adoration I heap on it... but lets not go there).

Grats EVO people! (pEVOple?)

Also: yes, I know I can root but even with the 1 button root, I'd still find a way to brick my baby.