Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Is Out Now

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Ice Cream Sandwich is on its way with the Galaxy Nexus, but now Google's released its source code through the Android Open Source Project, meaning everyone can dig in and start working on their ports (and bastardizations) for other devices.


The source code for the last major release of Android—3.0 Honeycomb—was withheld from public release because Google was afraid developers would try to hack the tablet-focused build onto phones, which would have been too much of a doodieshow for even Android to stomach. That's not a problem with Ice Cream Sandwich, though, because the new release is a convergence of phone and tablet interfaces.


Now I guess the countdown begins to see who shoves CyanogenMod 9 on a Nook Simple Touch first? [AOSP via Verge]

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Broken Machine

Yay! Android being Open Source means I can just compile it for my device and not have to wait for manufacturer updates, at least that's what I've been led to believe by those that insist this is a huge benefit to consumers. Oh, there's a bit of driver support to worry about, but Cyanogen and the like have me covered? ... Would be nice if that's how it worked.

Me, still waiting on Gingerbread to roll out to my Epic... sigh. On the bare OS, software library aside, I still pine for WebOS.