Android Apps of the Week: Silent Text, MetroNap, PrivacyFix and More

Well, it's Friday, and despite it only being a four-day work week for many of you, we're still proud of you for making it to the end. Here are the best of the best Android apps we found this week, one for each day of working our fingers to the bone.


Silent Text: Whether your job makes you to prone to encountering sensitive information or you just like to pretend it does, this mobile encryption app from the folks at Silent Circle should set you at ease. Users can transfer up to 100 MB files—any type of file at all—with end-to-end encryption, with keys stored on the users' own devices. So even if someone managed to hack into Silent Circle's servers, your data would be totally unreadable. And like SnapChat, users can set files to be destroyed immediately after they're viewed, or even yank them back before they've been opened. [Free with $10/month Silent Circle subscription]

MetroNap: We've all done it. After a tough day at work or a long night of drinking, the gentle motion of the subway rocks you right to sleep, and the next thing you know, you wake up in the Bronx. MetroNap promises to wake you up a few seconds before you reach your stop. To use it, you start by putting in the name of your starting station and your destination. The app then uses your smartphone's accelerometer to detect when when the train is moving and when it's standing still. While we're unsure how it might distinguish a station stop from stopping between stations due to delays, it's still better than waking up 15 stops from home — though right now it's only available in New York City. [Free]


AVG Privacy Fix: Look, sharing stuff on social media is a minefield, and with default settings changing all the time, you might not know who actually gets to see what. Log in to Facebook, LinkedIn or Google via PrivacyFix, however, and you'll get an instant privacy audit telling you which settings you might want to adjust to keep your bad habits under wraps. [Free]


Calculator: This hot-rodded version of Android's calculator is built in to CyanogenMod, but it's now available in a format any Android user can install. It brings graphing calculator capabilities to your phone, so instead of looking like a nerd playing with your Ti-89, you'll just look like you're texting. [Free]

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