Android Apps of the Week: Slack, Dots and More

Well, you made it all the way to Friday. Congratulations! Kick off your shoes, crack open a cold beverage, and download some sweet apps. Just like your old man used to do on Friday nights.


Slack: If you're like most people, you work email account is an absolute disaster—most likely some unholy combination of short messages with friends, formal interactions with coworkers and higher ups, client emails, and various other outside communications. Slack wants to remove all the office conversation and collaboration into its own, easily searchable world. So while not quite an "email revolution," Slack does want to make you office chatter that much easier. [Free]

Dots: If you've made it through elementary school, chances are you already know how to play. Simply connect the horizontal or vertical rows of matching colors and watch as they disappear from the screen while new ones come tumbling in. You have 60 seconds to kill as many rows as you can. Simple? Sure. Addictive? Well, just don't say we didn't warn you. [Free]


Appwererabbit: Updated apps are great, except when they change everything you loved and make it all just a royal pain. Appwarerabbit saves your previous APK file when you download an update, giving you a little undo button to get back to the version you loved. [Free]

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