Android Apps of the Week: WiFiKill Downloader, Imgur, and More

This week was a little light on Android app quantity, but the quality of the ones we do have for you is pretty fantastic. Perhaps not entirely, well, 100% ethical in a certain WiFiKiller's case—but fantastic nonetheless.


Imgur: Imgur, everyone's favorite super simple image hosting site, finally has an app. And it's certainly taken them long enough. You can do virtually everything you'd be doing on the web: browse images, comment, upload, and manage your account. It's simple, easy, and everything you already love about imgur. [Free]

WiFiKill Downloader: Although this has the potential to be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands (re: any hands that aren't your own), it can also be an invaluable one if used wisely. Essentially, you'll be holding the power to take away anyone's WiFi on the network you're currently on. So if you're hanging out in a public hotspot and you notice that things seem to be lagging a little more than you'd—er—prefer, you can take matters into your own hands. Just try not to be a jerk. [Free/Pro version with donation]


Bike Doctor: For the beginning (or even experienced) cyclist, making your own bike repairs can seem like a daunting task. Most bike repair guides you'll find around the ol' internet can be complicated labyrinths of instruction that end up doing more harm than good. But taking your wheels to a pro can come with a major price tag. Bike Doctor wants to give you the knowledge you need to save a trip to the shop—but in an easy, digestible form that's useful to all walks of the bicycle world. [$5]

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