Android-Based Asus Smartbook Arrives Early Next Year

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That on-again, off-again Asus Eee PC with Android OS, and 1GHz Snapdragon processor is, well, back on again. Asus now calls it their "secret weapon" and says it should arrive early next year for about $180 bucks.


Maybe all the interest in Android 2.0 got them interested again.

As a reminder, Smartbooks are just Qualcomm's name for netbooks that use ARM-based processors, which are needed to run Android. (Acer actually ported Android to Atom processors for its Aspire One netbook). Nvidia is also pushing its ARM-based Tegra chip for Smartbooks. [Shanzai (translated)]


Going to need to get open office running on this first aswel to make it tempting for most people using netbooks just now. Google should get Chrome OS ported to this now, and get it out for the same price #asusandroidnetbooksmartbook