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Android Might Be the First Robot Japan Doesn't Love

Illustration for article titled Android Might Be the First Robot Japan Doesnt Love

This got to be a pretty familiar trope with the iPhone in Japan: It's just not advanced enough, since it's missing things like bill payments, RFID, mobile TV and other crazy stuff. Analysts are saying the same dim fate awaits Android when it floats in on the HTC Magic.


The Magic's going to go onsale in June, but one analyst says it'll be lucky to crack 100,000 units by the end of year—the G1 has sold over a million units in the US and UK. There's plenty more bashing on the iPhone's inadequacies compared to Japan's mightily superior phones waiting for you over at Bloomberg (though you can read why it's somewhat BS at Wired): [Bloomberg]

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iPhone is till the best available phone for surfing the web, bar none (we'll see about the Pre) - and Steve says that should be enough for you, peasants!