Android Multitouch Proof of Concept Ain't Pretty, But It Works

IntoMobile just posted this video of a guy doing two-finger drawing on a T-Mobile G1 Android phone, hacked last night by a sharp developer who goes by the handle RyeBrye. We haven't seen any multitouch apps to date, so it's nice to see the functionality present, though, as you will see in the vid, not even classic Pink Floyd can make this thing beautiful. [RyeBrye via IntoMobile]


"but it works"

I would say that, it seems like this will be useless since the Gui is just switching from one finger to the other and back.

This is a hack for a single touch screen, not a feature.

Android is meant to be whatever you want it to be, but it's still bound to the hardware it's installed on. This is never going to work.