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Android On An Eee PC

Illustration for article titled Android On An Eee PC

Making good on Google's continued pledge to not limit Android to just phones, two guys at VentureBeat got Android up an running on their Eee PC 1000H. But a question comes to mind: why?


Apparently it was a piece of cake to get Android to support everything you'd need for functional computing, including sound, graphics (at the Eee's native resolution) and wireless internet. And it's not the first time this has happened-a Google developer showed off his successful Eee 701 port a few weeks ago.

But why would you want to run Android on a Netbook, when in most cases, a more traditional flavor of Linux or even Windows works just fine? The opportunity opens the door for even less powerful (and cheaper) MIDs, like Nokia's Internet Tablets. Also, the potential for a fully web-delivered OS via Chrome (which is not yet a part of the Android project, but definitely within the realm of possibility) is kind of exciting; Chrome was built primarily for web applications, after all.


Apparently the port only took around four hours, and many references to MIDs and other non-phone applications can be found in Android's source code. So whether it makes sense on an Eee PC or not, this is definitely a direction for Android we'll see more fleshed out in 2009. [Venture Beat]

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