Angel And X-Files Alum Takes Charge Of ABC's V Remake

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Good news for V fans: former Angel showrunner Jeffrey Bell has signed on as showrunner for the highly anticipated remake of the alien drama on ABC. So stop worrying that this is just Scott Peter's 4400 with a new skin.

Bell, is known for his work on X-Files, Alias and the best part of Angel (right around the time the lonely vampire took charge of Wolfram and Hart). In fact, Bell was showrunner for the final season of Angel.

"Like many people, I have fond memories of whatching the original miniseries," Bell said. "And to see how they did it now, it's epic. (Exec producer/scribe) Scott Peters did a fantastic job relaunching it. It seems like there are so many ways that you could go with this story."


While Bell's deal is for two years, the alien invasion series is on a year-by-year contract. The first year will consist of 13 episodes, and the next could have more (or none). The drama will begin in January. Scott Peters, of The 4400 fame, and the brains behind the updated V, will remain an executive producer.