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The great thing about being crazy is that nobody tells you not to do something crazy. It's just sort of assumed. Like Troy Hurtubise, inventor of the famed Ursus bear suit, who now has claimed his new 'Angel Light' invention can see through walls and basic tenets of physics as if they weren't even there. Now when you build a bear suit, it's sort of easy to prove its worth (Step 1: Punch Bear), but you'd think something like this would be even easier for a photographer to verify (Step 1: Look Though Wall). But no, it's all "came to me in a dream" and stories of shooting remote control planes out of the sky. Can someone in Canada get over to this nutcase's shop and take a picture of something on the other side of a wall? Also, steal me that bear suit.

Hurtubise says invention sees through exclusive [BayTodayCA]