Angelina Jolie Back In Wanted 2? Plus What Crazy Huge Set Is Christopher Nolan Building?

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Apparently, "spoilerphobia" is a medical condition. Cure yourself with an early G.I. Joe review, Green Lantern script talk, and Angelina Jolie's rumored return in Wanted 2. Plus Christopher Nolan's Inception, Lost, Time Traveler's Wife, John Carter, BSG, Eureka and Supernatural.

Green Lantern:

Thank goodness, that flawed draft of this superhero movie's script we reviewed a while back wasn't the final version. Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim says he just turned in another draft. And he calls it a "loving, respectful approach" that draws from comics throughout the character's decades in comics. [Sci Fi Wire]



A couple of minor details about Chris Nolan's widely anticipated next movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt confims he has a fairly major role in the film, and says Nolan has a particular way he wants the project to be unveiled to the public — suggesting there's some kind of mystery or secret inside the film. Also, the Calgary Sun quotes sources as saying a lot of filming will happen around Fortress Mountain, with an elaborate set being built. This film's only description says it takes place within "the architecture of the mind" — could that literally be a type of architecture? [MTV and Calgary Sun]


The Time Traveler's Wife:

We showed you a smaller version of this movie's poster the other day. Now here's the giant version. [New Line Cinema]


G.I. Joe:

Someone who claims to have seen a test screening of this powersuit epic has a fairly damning review. There are tons of silly one liners and far fetched tech, but the film also tries to ground itself in today's sociopolitical reality. G.I. Joe is actually a branch of NATO that recruits members from all over the world. The story revolves around a suitcase full of warheads full of self-replicating, super-destructive nanomachines, which keeps changing places between COBRA and the Joes, over and over again. Also, the film starts with a 1700s era flashback explaining villain James McCullen Destro XXIV. Oh, and those famous power suits don't turn up that much in the movie. [Slashfilm]


John Carter Of Mars:

Add another star to this Martian epic. Thomas Haden Church told an interviewer he'll play a role that's "very dramatic," which people are guessing refers to Tars Tarkas, an alien warrior who butts heads with John Carter but eventually becomes his sidekick. [Reel Talk via The Cinema Post]


Wanted 2:

Timur Bekmambetov told Russian media that he plans to start shooting this sequel late this fall or in the winter, and shooting will take place in America, India and Russia. Also, he claimed he's found a way to bring back Fox, Angelina Jolie's character. Also coming back: the Executioner, played by Kostya Khabenskiy. [Coming Soon]



There's now mutual interest between Dominic Monaghan and the producers for having Charlie reappear in this show's final season, sources say. [E! Online]


Battlestar Galactica:

Ronald D. Moore says "The Plan," the TV movie airing this fall, has lots of surprises, even though we know how the story ends now. There are lots of breadcrumbs and tidbits that give us a new slant on the events we already know. And apparently the focus of the movie is in-fighting among the Cylons, after their scheme to wipe out humanity leaves resistance fighters and a fleet of refugees. [Wired]



Sources say Anna will reappear next season. Yay! [E! Online]

True Blood:

In next week's episode, Jessica is having trouble adjusting to her new vampy status, and she misses her family, so she asks Sookie to drive her to her parents' house so she can take a look. But she ends up nearly killing her dad before Bill steps in, and blames Sookie for stirring up a mess of trouble. Also, more is revealed about Tara's boyfriend Eggs, who spent time in prison for drugs, armed robbery, and assault. Lafayette asks Eric to turn him into a vampire. And Sam turns into a dog again. [E! Online]


Also, in season two we'll go deeper into Eric's character and realize that he actually has a sensitive, loyal side. He doesn't like that many people, but if he likes you, he'll be a great friend. [Sci Fi Wire]


Here are the titles of the first four episodes of the new half-season: "Welcome Back Carter," "Your Face Or Mine," "Insane In The P-Brane," and "It's Not Easy Being Green." [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.