Anonymous Takes Down NYSE Site for Two Sad, Short Minutes

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Everyone's favorite hacktivists, Anonymous took down the New York Stock Exchange's site today for two terrifyingly boring minutes.

The group used a DDoS attack to briefly knock the site offline as a show of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. Trading wasn't affected while the site was down. The group posted a YouTube video in early October warning that the attack would take place. This warning probably gave the NYSE time to bolster their site's defenses against the Anonymous threat.

The attack wasn't popular amongst the majority of Anonymous members. Many thought that the attack would create bad press for the Occupy Wall Street movement. They also might have realized that the takedown was going to be sort of sad. [Chicago Tribune]

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i just dont get these protestors. they are protesting that people are working hard and earning a nice living?

perhaps if the protestors decided to work instead of spending 5 weeks camping out not showering or working they too could be earning a nice living...

also i have to believe really taking down the NYSE would have tremendous ripple effects throughout the economy, certainly much more than taking down the sony ps3 network.

just my $0.02